Cultural Kitchen is a cultural carneval where food, music, arts, travel and design all take their turn. Welcome!

Why we are here

A shoe, sunglasses, utencils and plates on the table

Cultural Kitchen is a cultural carneval that travels to bring together creative people from Finland and a host country.

Cultural Kitchen celebrates culture-hungry culinarists and invites them to create new experiences and stories, new friendships and contacts. The Cultural Kitchen events will be filled with music, arts, ideas and most importantly excellent Finnish food. Every event Chef de Cuisine Jyrki Tsutsunen will serve a creative wild herb food with Finnish live music.

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St. Petersburg, 9.7.2017
Stereoleto Festival

Östersund, Sweden, 14.–15.9.2016
crEATive Östersund

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 26.–27.6.2015
One Design Week

Frankfurt, 30.–31.8.2014
@ Station Finnland

St. Petersburg, 24.–25.4.2014
@ Loft Project Etagi, Green Room

St. Petersburg, 5.10.2013
@ Helsinkibar (1st launch)

Cultural Kitchen is a cultural carneval where food, music, arts, travel and design all take their turn. Welcome!

Why we are here

Mushrooms, grapes, a flower and some playing cards on a table





Cultural Kitchen poster

Cultural Kitchen is a cultural carneval where food, music, arts, travel and design all take their turn. Welcome!

Why we are here

Chef de Cuisine



Jyrki Tsutsunen

"I want to bring clean air and nature of Finland to the plates of the St. Petersburg people. I want to make people to laugh, enjoy and dance together."

Jyrki (b. 1974) has been working in most of the top restaurants in Helsinki as a chef.  Past six years he was a chef de cuisine of the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg. He has worked in many Finnish television shows both in production and as a host chef. 

Host, Producer



Anna Laine

"I’m joining the Cultural Kitchen,  because I totally love the idea of the creative Finnish and Russian people working, eating and dancing together."

Anna (b. 1975) has been working as a host, journalist and program manager in radio, television and in several newspapers. Russia has always been a great passion for her. At the moment she is producing Helsingin Sanomat news website for Russian speakers. She currently lives in Tallinn Estonia.

Executive Producer



Anna Brück

"I have put all my energy to the Cultural Kitchen, because it brings so many wonderful and talented people around me. New doors are opening every day!”

After studying in St. Petersburg (SPBGU), Anna (b. 1975) has been working as a journalist, writer and event producer. One of her major productions in Russia was the exhibition Finljandski Vokzal at the Loft project Etagi 2011. She’s been working the past 15 years in television, magazines and other media focusing on Russian culture.

Production Assistant



Maria Seppälä

"Best parties are always held in a kitchen!"

Maria (b. 1976) is a Finnish journalist and documentary maker. The past 10 years she has been covering different subjects from pop culture to the international refugee situation. She has been travelling widely in Europe, Africa and Asia. St. Petersburg has been an oasis to her since the 1990's. 

Visual Director



Jessica Leino

"Cultural Kitchen is like a band and we are here to play"

Jessica (b. 1975) is an award-winning graphic designer and art director, who has been working since 1999 in different art and design projects. Her main professional forte is magazine design. She is a member of Finnish Bioart Society.




Kaisa Riivari

"Cultural Kitchen is a brilliant project and we are honored to be part of it! A journey to Russia is an amazing opportunity for us to show our designs and get inspired by the Russian culture and history."

Fashion designer and an entrepreneur Kaisa (b. 1985) designs women's wear and menswear collections for the brand RIIVARI.

Interior Design



Johanna Kunelius

“I want to build spaces, where joy and laughter can play. Cultural Kitchen with its visual design dances and celebrates with us all!”

A textile designer who has also designed plates for the Finnish ceramics company Arabia's 140th anniversary. Johanna (b. 1975) runs her own design label Ilmiriita. She has lived the past six years in St. Petersburg and fell in love with the city and its people.




Aarno Rankka

"Art has no borders."

Aarno (b. 1970) is a Helsinki based sculptor. Beside his artistic work, he has worked as a teacher of drawing and sculpting, gallerist, biodynamic farmer, carpenter and founder. Rankka is running a gallery in Helsinki and is a member of the Finnish Bioart Society and Guild of Metallic Art in Finland.




Sanna Peurakoski

"Embraces the chance to work with Cultural Kitchen as another possibility to push material over limits of sublime in her photographs."

Sanna (b. 1975) has worked as a photographer since 1999. This firm friend of so-called bad and cold weather is excited about all the good, fun and gloomy. Loves controlled revelry and museums.





“Cultural Kitchen is an wonderful combination of fascinating creative personalities and great art, food and music. I absolutely love all of those things!"

You can find Milla’s blog from which tells you about Milla’s passion about redefining Finnish style. Milla is teaching design in Finnish universities. Milla is running a workshop at One Design Week Plovdiv.




”Love for St. Petersburg, passion for good food, the possibility of new encounters, joy for the opportunity to bring bold colours into the celebration. Those are some of my reasons for taking part in the Cultural Kitchen!”

Paavo Halonen (b. 1974) is a visual artist and designer that often uses recycled materials and old objects as a starting point in his art and designs. Paavo has designed the Pop! print for Marimekko that is also a part of the table setting at the Cultural Kitchen. The visual abundance and his willingness to push boundaries can be seen in his print designs as well as his sculptures and assemblages.




"I love cultures and I love kitchens."

After studying cultural filosophy in SPb and art history in Helsinki Antti Kauppinen (b. 1977) has writen a few books and worked as a freelacer curator. Lately spent most of his time planing art engagement programs in Helsinki Art Museum. Now Antti is doing a cook book about his own christmas traditions.

A spoon with fudge, some peas, flowers cups of coffee on the table

Cultural Kitchen Participants